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  • Kate Forest

Community of (too much?) Love

A writer is far from solitary. Sure, I might spend the majority of my day alone in my office. (BTW—my “office” is a nook in the guest room. Just saying.) But I am always surrounded by my writing pals. Just an email, call, text, or tweet away, these writers answer my questions, hold my hand, and administer virtual CPR.

I’ve been a social worker for over twenty years, and in no agency or organization have I met a group of women (mostly women) more supportive than my romance writer buddies. In some dark times, I have relied on these writers to stay with me and acknowledge the struggle. No one but a writer knows how a rejection or bad review can sting. No one but a writer can help celebrate the monumental achievement of solving a sticky plot point.

The bonds are as strong as those formed in summer camp. Only without the bugs and training bras. (There might be some lingerie issues).

I am thrilled to be going back to RWA, Romance Writers of America, conference this year. I always over schedule my time, have way too many meals just to talk, and spend more than a normal amount of time in the hotel lobby catching hugs from people passing through.

The over-stimulation is easy to cope with when it’s all loving.

Last year, I wore 2 left shoes for an entire day and never noticed. I think because I was so engrossed in the events. And no one said anything. That’s how loving everyone is.

This year, I’m honored to be presenting a workshop with Harper Kincaid. We found each other online and are new besties. Check out her books if you like to laugh and sigh. And I’m rooming with the talented Veronica Forand. As long as she keeps her cool boots on her side of the room, we’ll be fine. Check out her books if you like to sit on the edge of your seat when you read.

I could never quit writing because it would mean giving up all these people.

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