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  • Kate Forest

You Can Keep Your Beefcakes

Give me a slim man in a classic suit and pomade in his hair. I find nothing sexier than an old time movie star.

I’ve noticed that the latest heartthrobs are getting muscly-er, bigger, and hairier (at least beard-wise). I’m not dead inside, I appreciate their good looks.

But for me, there’s nothing I like more than the old black and white film heroes.

Jimmy Stewart was not only an actor with incredible range, but a WWII and Vietnam War hero. Most people just think “I love you Bedford Falls” when they think James M Stewart. But watch Vertigo and Harvey to fully appreciate his skills.

And tell me there’s a hotter kiss than this from Rear Window with Grace Kelly

Maybe because his body is more like everyman’s, that I can actually imagine myself in his arms. Without being crushed to death by the ginormous biceps of today’s hot actors.

And here’s my other swoon worthy man: Cary Grant

He maybe didn’t have as many serious roles as Stewart, but no one did comedic timing better. And there’s nothing sexier than a man who can make you laugh.

Just look at that smirky smile. He’s up to no good, and I want in.

If you haven’t seen “His Girl Friday” and “Arsenic and Old Lace” you haven’t seen Grant.

And there ain’t nothing wrong with this picture. I wouldn’t kick him off my beach blanket.

And one more sexy kiss with Grace Kelly(she had all the fun):

But for my dream date, check out “Philadelphia Story” with both my leading men and Katherine Hepburn. I mean, my name is Kate, too. It could be me.


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