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2017 When Sparks Fly Winner
2017 RONE Award Nominee
2107 Write Touch Readers Award Finalist
2017 I Heart Indie Finalist
Interior Design and Other Emotions

There are side effects to falling in love.

Gina Giancarlo is an interior design genius, fast as lightning with numbers…and autistic. Yearning to be just like everyone else, she joins a drug trial that promises to help her experience a full range of emotions.

With the ink still wet on his MBA, Chris Rinaldi has only two goals—make bags of cash and bag lots of women. Dancing on the edge of insider trading, he pushes his company to buy stock in a pharmaceutical firm because of its promising new autism drug.

As Gina’s understanding of the world blossoms, she forms a connection with the Wall Street hustler, who appreciates her—quirks and all. And for the first time since his sister’s death, Chris experiences true emotions, with a woman who has recently discovered passion herself.

Gina believes the pills are responsible for her awakening. Chris knows they’re responsible for his success. And when the drug is discontinued, the cost of “normal” might bankrupt their future.

“Characters are charming and the story is so original and fresh. I fell in love with this very special woman.”—Mariah Stewart, USA Today and New York Times bestselling author

“This book is really much more than a conventional romance… Kate has lovingly crafted a story about the power of the human heart to effect more change on its holder than any drug could hope to effect.”—Katy Regnery, USA Today and New York Times bestselling author

In Tune Out of Sync


No one wants to play second fiddle in love.

Veronica “Ronnie” Lukas has one dream: playing violin with the New York Philharmonic. She’ll do whatever she can to hide her dyslexia and inability to read music, because nothing, not even sexy and talented Scott Grossman, will stand in her way.

Since he first tucked a violin under his chin, Scott’s tics caused by Tourette’s Syndrome quieted. His talent has thrust him into the harsh spotlight, becoming a reluctant poster child for living with Tourette’s.

When Scott wins first chair of a small regional orchestra, Ronnie begrudgingly accepts second. She wants to hate the humble man who is disarmingly open about his disability. Instead, she falls for his heavenly music—and toe-curling kisses. Scott is smitten with the brilliant woman who doesn’t treat him with kid gloves, although he wishes she didn’t hide her dyslexia from the world.

There’s only one spot open in the New York Philharmonic, but Scott and Ronnie find it’s not the competition but their differing views that come to a crescendo—secrets versus truth, spotlight versus shadows. Finding their rhythm is tough when they’re each marching to their own beat.

2018 Golden Leaf Winner

A More Perfect Love


The last man she should love is the only man she wants.

The future looks bright for Cathy Gold, recent summa cum laude graduate, until her controlling father snatches away her dream job, insisting she marry the nice Jewish boy next door. So, she jumps at the chance for one last taste of freedom as temporary bookkeeper at a Catskills resort.

Thomas Cullen used hard work and Irish charm to escape the factory that maimed him and took his father's life. As manager of the resort, he's working toward his own American dream. He doesn't need the distraction of the strong-willed and brilliant Cathy, but he can't resist the passion that flares when they are together.

The Irish immigrant is the last person Cathy's parents would choose for her, but he's the only man to encourage her ambitions.

They would have a chance at a future together if it weren't for 1948 rules on class, religion, and gender, and a sudden scandal at the resort that threatens them both.

To succeed in love and their American dreams, they must refuse to give up, and be willing to break the rules.


Washed Up


Going off script

Disgraced PR rep, Elizabeth Willison, can’t afford to be picky about clients, even if that means spending winter at the freezing Jersey Shore with the reclusive Hollywood bad boy no one else will touch.

Past-his-prime action star, Cole Jenkins, will do whatever it takes to redeem his image and revive his career. Even if that means choking on his pride while filming the low-budget lifeguard series, and continually butting heads with the stubborn woman attempting to remake his image.

Despite the frigid set, things heat up when Elizabeth and Cole find that together they can overcome gossiping fans and underhanded producers. But how will they play their parts when real life doesn't stick to the script?

JustForLaughsSmallerWebUse (2).jpg

Just for Laughs


It's Funny Where You Can Find Love

Mark Lewis yearns to devote himself to his acting career, but his steady job as a social worker keeps him safe while fulfilling other people’s dreams.

As the “disabled daughter” of a mega star mom, Dana Helman never wants to be in the spotlight again, especially next to a man in show biz.

When Mark and Dana meet again, ten years after high school, passion must drive them to change fear to love, and dreams to reality.


Love Takes Off

Biologist Julia won’t tolerate another frigid Chicago winter studying the frozen Great Lakes. But with every hour of her flight delay, her chance on a research voyage in Florida slips further away.


Jeremy must get to Florida to sever the noose-like obligations of his family's boating business so he can become curator of a Chicago museum.


Stuck in an airport, waiting out the snowstorm of the century, can two travelers headed for opposite paths find love while trapped in Concourse B?

Standing Up

Standing up for yourself doesn’t require legs...

Brilliant physics major Jill Kramer tutors jocks in math to pay her tuition. The college junior has big dreams—NASA. And if her self-centered ex taught her anything, it’s to never again let a guy distract her from her goals, especially the hottie failing calculus.

Former football star Mike Lewis hopes the cute calculus tutor will save his otherwise perfect GPA. Top grades will convince his demanding father that he’s still pursuing law school and not his real dream—the Broadway stage. Acting seems unachievable at the moment, with him hunched over crutches and in crippling pain from a past car accident, but after amputation surgery he’ll strut on state-of-the-art prosthetics.

Jill can’t help but fall for Mike—brains in his head, muscles in his chest, and vulnerability in his legs. Mike loves her determination and her refusal to pity him.

But when choices have to be made—family versus goals, dreams versus love—they both need to find strength to stand on their own, side-by-side.

2018 Write Touch Readers' Award Finalist
2018 RONE Nominee
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